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April 22nd is Earth Day

How are you people spending Earth Day?

i heart earth

Earth Day tips:
(borrowed from Earth Day Canada)

1. buy what you need, not want
So in our case, borrow or buy those used books if you can. Plus, you'll save money in the process.

2. transportation alternatives
Take advantage of the sun and walk/run/bike! It's still spring yet we're surrounded by the wonderfully warm sun. Horrah! If not, use that Upass of yours. Yes, the new one is a horrendous brown, but at least it's better than the yellow that emphasizes our "Asian-ness".

3. food alternatives
Try to purchase organic and local products. Plus, it's a healthier lifestyle change.

4. ditch that dryer!
Hang dry your clothes. They feel better when they're dried by the sun anyway. Oh, and ditch that dish dryer too. It kills your electricity bill.

5. be water smart
Like number 4, the less water use the better. So take showers instead of baths. Take shorter showers. Turn your water off when lathering your hair up. Turn the tap off when you're brushing your teeth. (You don't need it running!)

6. recycle!
How hard is it to throw your newspaper into the recycling bin instead of the garbage? (Especially at a skytrain station... you need to OPEN the garbage can whereas the recycling bin is wide open.)

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April 22, 2009 at 7:41 PM

well, i must say i'm doing the most environmentally friendly thing.....i'll be writing my microbi final lab report......10 pages gone right there (and they all have to be single-sided too coz that's just the way papers are

Blogger Step  

April 22, 2009 at 8:02 PM

I wrote a failing paper today so that's 13 pages of wasted paper.
I do 2 (bus), and 4 as it is anyways. =S

Blogger Lunsha  

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