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My plan:
.finish my three page proposal
.start and finish my advertising paper
.finish making soccer cake balls for manager (he's leaving... *sniff*)
.call and confirm MS Walk volunteers
.combine notes for CR (musician) account
.write sponsorship letter for CR (b by b) account
.prep for Tuesday's North Van meeting
.start BOL II
.HIST online lessons 13-18

I have to complete the first three by tomorrow night. It's not optional. I have a feeling I'll be pulling an all-nighter. Joyous.

Good thing is that Starbucks gave me a free drink certificate for my birthday. I think they knew about my busy Monday. I'm excited for my five shot, venti, non fat, no whip, cherry mocha. Yum =)

So anyways, I had a really enjoyable night today. I think I found my new "escape" spot. It's only an hour away from home, but it's so nice. It reminds me of Victoria near the Empress Hotel looking out at the water. So peaceful and beautiful. Beautiful British Columbia is my home.


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March 23, 2010 at 2:24 PM

Soccer cake balls? O.o
Hope you get it all done quickly

Blogger Lunsha  

March 24, 2010 at 6:42 PM

oh wow O__o".....that's quite the check list....and arguably even uglier than mine!

Blogger Step  

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