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Monday, June 15, 2009
So I was craving chocolate cake. Dense and rich chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream and hot fudge to be exact. (No, it wasn't my time of the month.) He picks me up to fulfill my long, awaited cravings. =) It took us an hour to find Homestyle Two-Bite Brownies but I felt like a little girl that finally got the doll from the store window. We ended up at his place with a bowl of warmed brownies and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream; and we enjoyed the dessert with He's Just Not That Into You on the tele.

two bit brownies

Was what he did over the top? No. Okay, maybe with the exception of having the patience and determination to hunt for my two-bite goodness. But it was just so sweet =) Yeah, that's right, I'm showing him off. (At least I'm being honest about it... unlike those people that post up a million pictures of everything they do.)

Spoiled much? Nope, just loved =)

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Saturday, June 6, 2009
So I was going through the Sanrio site today just because I can. Actually, I was initially on a Hello Kitty fan blog. But I digress. I'm not a kid anymore yet I still act like a five year old *holds up four fingers*

nerd coin purse

I think this is adorable. It suits me don't you think? I think I'll eventually get this or the long wallet when I find it in stores (or order online when I have a reason to spoil myself).

Anyhoo, I also saw some stuff I know I'll never get. For example, the Hello Kitty Diamond Star & Heart Pendant.

...priced at $2950USD.

Or these limited edition coins.

Meh, a girl can dream =)


Mr. Sun, Why Are You Shy?

Okay, I'm sure there's sun outside right now, but it's a tad gloomy inside the house. It's a Saturday and no one is home. I should be studying right now, but what am I doing? I'm organizing my iTunes library, planning a fundraiser car wash, and organizing my schedule. What am I going to do after that? I need to organize my notes so I can study for Thursday's midterm. That's basically my day: organizing stuff.


Thanks to Garbo, I discovered GoogleForm under GoogleDocs. GoogleForm is where you can set up surveys and polls and such. It provides templates for quick professional or fun looks to customize your page. Plus, you can view the results in charts and spreadsheets. I love it! I'm falling more and more in love with Google. Is that possible?

And no, I'm not going to bother censoring or initializing names on my blog. I'm not mentioning people in a negative way. Plus, they're anonymous to people that don't know them since I'm not throwing last names out there. If you're sensitive to my putting your name up, please feel free to pm me and I'll remove your name. No biggie =)