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Am I a Hypocrite?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
I hate telemarketers. With a passion. Oh, and I hate marketers that knock on your door (especially when you have a perfectly working door bell).

Here's some recent ones...

*phone rings*
me: hi
lady: *rambles quickly in Mandarin*
me: o_O'' I'm sorry, I don't understand (I know some Mandarin but she was talking too quick for me... I picked up "company" so I knew it wasn't one of my parents' friends)
l in English: Do you understand Mandarin?
me: no, goodbye

Stupid. If I did, why would I say "I don't understand". 'sigh' I suppose she was just making a living.

*knock on my door*
...daddy opens the door and the guy selling who knows what won't go away
me: *goes downstairs* Hi there, what are you trying to sell?
whiteboy: *goes on and on*
me: *cuts in* (yeah, I know it's rude) I'm sorry, we're not interested
wb: *continues*
me: seriously, stop wasting your time you could be talking to someone else by now, we're not interested. have a nice day.
wb: *tries to continue*
me: have a nice day

I try to be nice... I know most people would just close the door on them. What do you people think? Am I decently nice or just plain evil? Sadly after cold calling for Marketers' Night and being hung up on (ugh), I still don't have much pity on telemarketers and kind. At least the people I'm calling are industry professionals =)


Just Stop and Smile

Monday, August 3, 2009
Mommy said something interesting today. It wasn't deep and insightful, but she brought up a good point.

Him and I were watching TV today and we saw the new Tim Horton's advertisement for their blueberry blossom doughnut. I started nudging him because I wanted one. (Okay, I'm usually not like that but... the advertisement made me want to have pieces of doughnut melt in my mouth. I digress.) He gave in and decides to drive us there for some sweets before his game.

As we're enjoying our doughnuts he said, "I don't need to buy you anything when food makes you so happy." I laughed because my mommy says the exact same thing about herself.

I went home and told Mommy this. She replies by saying that we're like that because we appreciate the little things in life. That's true. I don't take for granted that he would do something just to see me smile. Heck, I don't even take for granted that he pays that couple dollars for doughnuts or when he opens doors for me. Although I've only mentioned what he does, it doesn't mean I don't notice it when other people do it too and of course, I try to reciprocate whenever possible. So I guess I realized that noticing the small things and everything makes me and people around me just that much happier with life.

...and now I know why I can't seem to lose my excess fat

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