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And So It Begins...

Thursday, June 24, 2010
I just had a 3.75 hour meeting today for IMC. This week, I was in meetings for 7.25 hours. Thankfully they were very productive.

I can do it!

Next week will be intense. I'm actually looking forward to it. =)

Now, should I bother making dinner or just have a big breakfast. Hmm...

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The Next 9 Months

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I have two babies that will be born in 9 months... from different partners: YWiB SOUL and IMC.

I think if I can balance good grades at school, create a successful SOUL program, have a well acknowledged IMC, keep a steady social life, maintain a healthy relationship with the family, and have "me" time, then I can do anything in life. Confident? Maybe. Ambitious? A tad too much. But the big question is, can I actually do all that without any breakdowns?

Only time can tell. Check up on me in 9/10 months.

(By the way, if anyone can purchase Starbucks Double Shot on discount, please help me buy a case.)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I am officially the Chair for SFU's Inter-collegiate Marketing Competition.

Yay =)

...what did I get myself into


Ramble & YWiB All Retreat

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Stephen's comment made me chuckle... and I only say chuckle because giggle seems too silly for the content. Although I must say that chuckle isn't the right word either. *Remembers the short ramble by Miss Eisner about how words cannot be used interchangeably* I digress.

Are we both doomed to be insanely busy or is that how we enjoy our life right now? I think we're both ambitious in our own ways. I'm not clear on what I'm ambitious about, but it's something to do with benefiting my future. (That's good enough, right?) I must admit I need to take extensive breaks to recover from my life.

I just went on a retreat on the weekend. It wasn't much of a break though. It was an all YWiB retreat. (I'm in the SFU chapter, but there's a UBC chapter and a Greater YWiB as well.) The SFU-ers left Friday night and came back Sunday afternoon. Everyone spent Saturday working. We had meetings after meetings, with only meals as breaks. Intensive! Most of us did head out to Garfinkels after quiet time started. (We were staying at the UBC lodge.) As a huge group of girls, needless to say, we didn't have any trouble going in. It was fun and funny. We had each other so we were pretty awesome at getting rid of unwanted guys. Although at the end of the night, it was... different. Most of the stagettes left near the end of the night and all that was left, in terms of females, was our group of girls and a sprinkle of girls who were paired off with guys. Now imagine a club filled with males and a group of girls dancing with each other. It was like vultures checking out their prey. The dork in me immediately thought of Foucault's theory of the panopticon, and then the male gaze ideology. Yes, I'm a true Communications student.

Work hard and party hard. YWiB ladies are the best.

Now back to my notes... meeting with my Co VP tomorrow and then with the board on Sunday. Ahh.

10. work, meeting w/ Co VP
11. work, dino
12. dino, work CTS, out with CTS-ers (pending...)
13. YWiB meeting, grocery shop (pending...)
14. work, purchase world map+colour ink for work
15. work, site visit, meeting with site people, meeting w/ OC
16. work, out with Gor
...best thing about work is that there is not homework

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