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Sunday, November 28, 2010
Stuck at home working on two term papers. That's exactly how everyone wants to spend their weekend!

Anyway, I've been abnormally addicted to caffeine lately. Addicted to the point where it has no affect on me. Wait... so does that count as addicted? I'm not sure.

Rather than head out to take advantage of McDonald's last day of free coffee, or head to Starbucks/Waves/Blenz for some fancy caffeinated drink, I decided to stick with the instant stuff. They're not the same, but exponentially cheaper.

Pattie's "Poor Student" Mocha
2 spoonfuls of instant espresso
1.5 spoonfuls of instant chocolate milk powder*
a bit of boiled water
1.75 cups of milk

1. microwave milk to desired temperature
2. mix the espresso and chocolate milk powder together in your favourite holiday mug
3. add enough water to liquefy the powder mixture
4. add milk

*replace with melted chocolate if you can afford it

Ta da!


Just Maybe...

Thursday, November 25, 2010
I am passionate about two things in life: finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and event planning.

Next week I will be setting up an interview for a contract position that ties the two together. Am I excited? Very!

...will keep everyone updated. Now onto my term papers!

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Update 11.10

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
I've been neglecting this blog for far too long. Come to think about it, I've been neglecting me. Too often have I been going back and forth from meeting to meeting. Sure, it builds my portfolio, but do the benefits weigh out the effort?

Yes and no.

I've learned a lot, but I've lost a lot. I miss hanging out with my family. I miss the Sunday morning dim sum time with my parents. I see my partners in crime, Helen and Carson, more than I see my parents--and I live with my parents! This experience has taught me a lot. It's helped me confirm what I'm passionate about. And most importantly, I've strengthened my people management skills.

Some highlights:

IMC OC Photoshoot

Amazing bonding experience. Huge thank you to our amazing photographer, Theresa.

YWiB SFU Project GIVE (Generating Innovative Visions of Entrepreneurship)

So proud of Katie P and Steph for launching this unique program. Amazing speakers!

YWiB SFU Wine Tasting Event

Hosted by Society and Richard Goodine. Photography props to www.604foodtography.com

IMC Fundraiser: Gloop Show

Our messy, but fun fundraiser.

And no pictures yet... but YWiB SFU SOUL (Supporting Our University Leaders) Workshop and Orientation. This program has been the most challenging thing I've ever taken on, but it has been the most rewarding so far. I can't wait to see how every mentee develop professionally and personally. Eight more months to go! =)

YWiB SOUL and IMC are my babies. I sleep and dream about them. <3

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Change iv

Sunday, November 7, 2010
March: $3.04*
April: $10.07
May: $7.02
June: $10.69
July: $11.53
August & September: $13.79
October: $6.50

*In March I only put away pennies, nickels, and dimes; April onwards, I included quarters.