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Summer Semester Thus Far

Sunday, May 30, 2010
After reading Stephen's new post, I figured I should write one too. I've been insanely busy this semester. I've confirmed that the busy lifestyle is what I love. I love the feeling of going from one place to another. The need to have a continuous to do list. It's so fulfilling to see a page of "to do's" all checked up and having it spill to another page. It's weird, but I'm not exactly "not weird".

It sure doesn't feel like summer though. The weather has been horrible. Toronto gave me a real summer to compare to, so Vancouver is disappointing me right now.

May highlights:

I'm not sure if I mentioned about my first official day of coop. Well, the wind blew out the power... twice. I ended up going home after 3 hours of work; two and a half of which we were out of power.

We spent our first anniversary in front of the television watching the very disappointing round two game four playoff game. Oh, and he made steak dinner. Yum.

Toronto! It was nice and relaxing. I really appreciated the luxury of taking Friday off from coop as well, so my trip was Friday to Monday rather than just Saturday to Monday. The concert was amazing. Our last meal before returning to Raincouver was outside in the patio. We enjoyed a nice meal with a cocktail and 27 degree weather.

Just on Friday, I went to a meeting with the organization that's paying for my coop. I found out when they were introducing me that they wanted me to do a short speech. Improvising in front of 23 established professionals is not exactly a easy thing.

The past week, I've had about 5 hours worth of meetings for YWiB (www.ywib.ca). Come to think about it, compared to the amount of work that has been done, 5 hours isn't a lot. I'm excited to see our programs and events launch by the end of the summer. The hard work will be worth it!

I finally tried the new ramen place: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. It's a ramen chain that originated from Japan. I really enjoyed the soup. The cha-shu was delicious! It melted in my mouth. Om nom nom. I didn't enjoy the noodles too much, despite the apparent claim by Japanese people that Santouka cooks their noodles perfectly. I would prefer it if it was a tad softer. Just a tad. Oh, and locals claim that Santouka is the most authentic ramen shop in Vancouver. That may be true, but I've had ramen in Hokkaido and well... it's not the same.

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Transit Fail

Friday, May 14, 2010
I am abnormally pissed at the transit system right now. I always account for late buses (to my best ability), but there's only so much I can do to ensure I'll get to work on time when the transit system is so unreliable.

I went to my bus stop 5 mins before my "safety" bus. I always try to get on one bus before the bus I should go on. This accounts for transfer time and a nice time buffer. Well anyway, that bus left early. The next bus was 10 minutes late. Now I'm going to miss my seabus. Worse part is, I'm going to miss the 228 bus, which comes once every half hour after 8.17 (I need to get on the 8.47 one to get to work on time).

Great. When I get on my safety bus, I always have time for coffee. Not going to happen today. Pattie's going to be a grumpy pants. Sigh.


Thursday, May 13, 2010
Now, I know I lost a LOT of weight since two years ago... it's kind of nice, but I know there's still areas to work on. I'm not huge, but I could be more toned. I digress.

I went to Aritzia today (oh em gee, Pattie's turning into a regular girl?!?). There was a top I wanted to try and the sales associate asked me if I needed help for a size. I asked for a medium and a large to see which fits better (even though I know a large will be loose on me). She grabbed a small for me. Now, i was wearing a dress today and their mirrors are outside of the change room; I needed pants. She grabbed me a pair of 25" jeans. Yeah... thanks but no thanks. She wouldn't let me go a size up x_x*

Needless to say, I could not fit into the jeans. I could if I didn't eat all day and if my derriere was a tad smaller. No way on earth would I give up my toned butt to fit into a size 25.

The top wasn't that bad, and I did end up getting the small. It fitted just right and I was happy. Plus, a petite sales associate thought I'm around her size. Made my day. Now time to curl up in my bed with a book. (I went to the library for the first time in years!)


Coop Week 2

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Eight official days down and I'm loving the position. I'm tired, and a tad overwhelmed, but it's a nice change. Usually, when I'm overwhelmed, there's no clear break between work and life. But because I'm by the hour, once I leave the office, I can put my "overwhelm-ness" on break. Love it! =)

Enjoyed a nice evening with A. "Panda" Lee. We went to Foundation for some om nom nom goodness and then enjoyed some Asian refreshments after. It was nice to catch up and just chit chat. I love how open we can be. No censorship here. It's rare to find a friend like that now... especially with so many years of history too. I'm lucky.

Mmkay, need to rest now. How is everyone else's summer going?

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Change ii

Saturday, May 1, 2010
I wanted to see how much I can save by throwing all my change in a "piggy bank" everyday.

March: $3.04
April: $10.07
May: $7.02

In March I only put away pennies, nickels, and dimes. For April, I included quarters ($6.75).