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Finally! -oops

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
I made a big boo boo in my last post.

I included my fourth year in the calculation. If I move out, it'll be before my fifth year starts, so I should only look at fifth year. So... co-op tuition is $665.40/semester. Tuition for 12 credits is $1926. (1926 * 1)+(665.40 * 2) = $3256.80.

So... from $7100 to $7774, it goes down to... $3256.80. A big less scary. =)



Thursday, August 5, 2010
So it's finally going to happen. One more year until I move out.

...provided that my parents aren't going to refuse to pay my tuition if I do leave home.

What if they do? This semester costs $2197.54 excluding books. Assuming that most of my readings are from journals that are accessible online or from SFU library... $2400 per semester? $2400 x 3 = $7200. Then there's co-op: $800.85/semester. Two co-ops would cost me $1601.70, and three would be $2402.55. So that's $8801.7 or $9602.55.

But then again, I already pay for everything but the tuition itself.
Co-op tuition is $665.40/semester. Tuition for 12 credits is $1926. (1926 * 3)+(665.40 * 2) = $7108.80. or $7774.20 for three co-op terms.

So... if my parents refuse to pay for tuition if I move out, I'll need to save $7100 to $7774 more. Ack.

But anyway... I'm pretty excited for it. No more yearly trips though. And less going out for food. But I need to get out of this protective shell. I'm pretty independent, but my parents still baby me. I want to grow up =( I need more life skills!